Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Are You Suffering From Battered Career Syndrome?

Part one: What’s going to be different for you this year? 

Moving into the New Year, we are already hearing the business pundits state that the economy will remain much of the same as 2012 - slow growth. Companies aren’t taking many risks. They are not hiring the way they did in the past. The tried and true corporate jobs are few and far between. I hear it every day from my clients who are seeking to take back control of their lives by looking into business ownership. Many people are banging their heads against a wall, going down the conventional career path, knowing that they can’t count on a stable national economy to provide them with a steady job that will support their ILWE goals any longer. We refer to it as the Battered Career Syndrome. So let’s rethink who you are right now and how you are going to make this year different.

Do you capitalize on your strengths everyday to make a living?  If not, what if you could? As a business coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source, we are transforming lives and helping people turn their frustration to freedom by going from unEmployment to Empowerment.  It is possible to be better positioned for success if you play to your strengths more. I can help you get there by getting to the heart of what matters. Give me a ring. Make today the day you begin to change the direction of your life. 408 520 4101

Look for Part Two: "What Are Your Business Ownership Options?" in the next February issue.


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A New Year – A Time for Reflection, Evaluation and Planning

As the New Year begins, it is a time for reflection, evaluation and planning. This is an important process from both a personal and professional perspective. From a personal perspective, we typically consider our interactions with others, attitude, physical well-being and Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity (ILWE) goals. On the career front, our focus should be on the vehicle that will serve our ILWE. Reaching your personal and professional goals doesn’t have to be a long-term process; for example, living a healthier life requires a daily commitment of exercise and adhering to the proper diet, but the likelihood of long-term success drastically increases when you work with a nutritionist or physical trainer. Likewise, reaching your career goals nowadays requires some out-of-the-box thinking and support, maybe even from a career or business coach. In either event, now is the time to begin the journey.

When reflecting on your career options, let me ask you, “Is your current career path on track with hitting or exceeding your ILWE goals?” If not, perhaps it is time to explore alternate career options, including the pros and cons of business ownership. Depending on where you are in your career, this might be the time to take your financial future back into your own hands. As a business and career coach, I can help you understand the benefits of business ownership, introduce you to different concepts and explore how these align with your ILWE goals. When evaluating business ownership versus employment, keep the following in mind:

• Careers are no longer uninterrupted and seamless due to companies merging, downsizing and rightsizing.  Many of our clients worry about how long they will remain employable;

• Career income streams are being interrupted with long periods without earnings and benefits.  Many of our clients worry about how they will fund their longer and active life expectancy;

• Wage earners can expect six to eight job changes by the time they are forty.  Many of our clients worry about the fact that today’s jobs are very short-lived;

• 75 percent of the adult population has a desire to be self-sufficient; however, only seven percent are self-sufficient.  Many of our clients worry about the fact that in the conventional job market there is little to no opportunity to build wealth and equity.

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Learning Lessons in the New Year

There are lessons to be learned for all of us from this past year, especially looking at the most recent tragic events. The big one for me is that life can literally change in a split second. It begs many questions like, “Am I doing what I really want to be doing?”, “Do I have the control of my life, and am I doing what I need to be happy?”

In this issue of the “Start a Business” newsletter, we are asking you to think about results. The New Year is a good time to think about goals; however, we’re not talking about some shallow resolution. All of us have dreams, yet so few of us seem to “act” on them. What are the results we’re expecting out of life, our career, our relationships? Why is it that some people “seem” to have no problem achieving their dreams, and others struggle to make progress? Is there something holding us back?

As a TES coach, I suggest you ask yourself this question, “If we looked at your life a year from today, what has to have happened during that period, both personally and professionally, for you to be happy with your progress?” Now that’s a results-oriented question, isn’t it? Oftentimes, what holds us back are self-created obstacles, perhaps eveb limiting beliefs. Are we open to changing? Are we open to doing things differently? The article below about the “Battered Career Syndrome” is a good place to start to begin to think about change… change that produces results.

At TES, we work with seekers, people seeking to be self-sufficient, and take them through a self-discovery process. We help them explore their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity goals and the results they want out of life, rather than simply looking at a business opportunity superficially, we dig deeper. We explore what you want that business to do for you and your lifestyle. Surprisingly, 95% of our clients end up discovering possibilities they admittedly never would have looked at on their own or would have prematurely dismissed. Isn’t it time to dig beneath the surface and do something for you? I’d like to help you by being your tour guide on the journey.

Wishing you a successful year - both personally and professionally,

Andy Ainsworth
The Entrepreneur’s Source®
408 520 4101

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

5 Ways to "see' The Future

A little bit "out there" but some interesting ideas

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Start a Business Weekend - Virtual Event

Start a Business Weekend® Online Event Begins November 15, 2012 
1. Discover opportunities you never considered before. SABW‘s virtual expo allows you to “walk” into the digital Exhibit Hall and visit the booths of more than 70 of the nation’s top franchise concept.
2. Access to top-notch trusted business professionals has never been this easy.
3. On-demand keynote sessions from nationally known, in-demand presenters.

4. Your time is valuable.  At SABW you can quickly download information about proven business opportunities and enjoy our entire suite of videos on your schedule.

5. As a champion of businesses ownership SABW is providing every attendee complimentary E-source coaching for those desiring to advance their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity.

Knowing where you are now is key to achieving your dreams. In this special self-assessment, you’ll discover which areas of your current lifestyle are thriving and which areas need you to focus to achieve the Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity you deserve.

If you need any further information for this event please do not hesitate to contact your personal Esource coach: Andy Ainsworth, The Entrepreneur’s Source®

Start A Business Weekend® Online Event- November 15-17
Attend online, from your home or office computer
Date & Time:
Thursday - Saturday 
November 15-17
10:00 am - 7:00 pm EST
There is no cost to attend Start a Business Weekend® event

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Dispelling the Myths About Owning a Franchise

Dispelling the Myths
About Owning a Franchise

If you have a dream of becoming an entrepreneur, you’re taking a step toward having more control over your future.

But have you considered a franchise?  There are a number of misconceptions about franchising. If you accept them at face value, there’s a good chance you’ll be robbing yourself of an opportunity that can not only be financially successful but personally satisfying. Before you rule anything out, it helps to know the facts. 

Here are the first 4 of 8 myths that will help you realistically evaluate franchising as an investment:

Myth 1: I’ll Only Become Successful By Finding The Right Business
Many of us equate “right” with what we’re already good at.  But that doesn’t mean you need to limit yourself.  Define your transferable skills from the corporate world – delegation, people management, marketing, whatever.  If you had them in one type of business, you can easily move them to another.

Myth 2: I Can only Be Successful Doing Something I Love
Believe it or not, businesses based on an owner’s background have the highest failure rate.  Your franchise business is a vehicle to the lifestyle you’re seeking.  

If you limit your choices to what you’re familiar with or good at, you’re placing yourself at a major disadvantage, because you’re ignoring a huge number of possibilities that are outside your realm of past business experience

Myth 3: I’ll Instantly Know The Right Opportunity When I See It
Many people want to fall in love with their business at first sight. That’s an emotional decision, not a career choice. You have to take the time to learn about the details and nuances of the opportunity to understand its potential. You simply can’t do that when you make a determination based on just what you feel today.

Myth 4: I Can’t Be In A Business I Know Nothing About
Of course you can. It’s instinctively natural to want to remain in our comfort zone and stick to areas we have experience in. But as a franchise owner, your business is running and growing your business no matter what it is. Remember, you have transferable skills. That’s your strength. You can hire people who know the details. Your road to success is buying into and learning the system, which is already a positive working model, then using your talents to make it grow.

Andy Ainsworth
408 520 4101

My First Press Release


Andy Ainsworth
The Entrepreneur’s Source in Milpitas
408 520 4101

Local Resident Turns to Business Coaching, Helping People in Career Transition

Milpitas, CA (Grassroots Newswire) 9/13/12 -- Helping people realize the American dream of business ownership, Andy Ainsworth is now an extensively trained business coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES) (, servicing aspiring entrepreneurs or people in career transition. Ainsworth is now offering business services to help people in two ways: 1) to find the right business for their lifestyle goals and needs, and 2) providing franchise business coaching services to existing business owners.

"I can introduce business concepts to people who want to make the career transition to business ownership by taking them through a ’discovery process’ to identify the right business concept that makes sense for their goals," Ainsworth said.

"Business ownership is a great way to become more self-sufficient and take control of your future.  Being a business coach allows me to work with people in career transition to find the right business and then help to make that business succeed.  I truly enjoy motivating people and organizations to achieve their full potential," Ainsworth added.

As a TES business coach, Ainsworth will be armed with E-Myth®/TES co-branded products targeting both the small business and franchise owner.  AIM™ for Success is an introductory business education program for aspiring entrepreneurs considering franchise business ownership. AIM introduces the E-Myth entrepreneurial perspective as well as the E-Source franchise education and coaching methodology.

FAST™ (Franchise Accelerated Success Training) is designed for new and existing franchise business owners ready to take their business to the next level of success. FAST presents E-Myth’s proven business-success systems and TES’s proprietary franchise coaching methodology exclusively developed for the franchise business owner.

In today’s New Career Economy®, individual’s job security and financial freedom is being threatened. The traditional job market no longer offers the security individuals and families need to live well. Taking control of their lives through becoming self-sufficient is now the new way to reach the America dream of living with long-term financial freedom.

The Entrepreneur’s Source is part of the FranchisEsource Brands International (FSBI) (, a family of Business Coaches that service the entrepreneur.  FSBI’s Business Coaching brands dominate 33 percent of the business coaching and consulting franchise market in North America, a market valued at $1.5 billion.

For more information about Andy Ainsworth's business coaching services, call 408 520 4101 or email to

About The Entrepreneur’s Source®   (TES)
The Entrepreneur’s Source is North America’s leading career and Business Coaching Company dedicated to the entrepreneur with more than 230 offices in the United States and Canada.  The Entrepreneur’s Source offers a full range of services to individuals seeking alternate career options and to franchise businesses looking to increase performance. Today, The Entrepreneur’s Source dominates the $1.5 billion dollar Business Coaching/Consulting franchise market in North America.  The Entrepreneur’s Source has the unique distinction of being ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine’s top Franchise 500 for ten consecutive years, placing #130 in 2012.  It has also place on the prestigious top 100 lists in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Fastest Growing Franchises”, “Top Global Franchises”, and “Top 101 Home Based Franchise.  And for three consecutive years, listed The Entrepreneur’s Source on the All Star Franchise Rankings at #53 for 2012.  For more information about The Entrepreneur’s Source’s coaching services go to

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Andy Ainsworth